The aim of the first work is to quantify the proportion of Prussians, Lithuanians and Masovians in the newly formed Prussian tribe in a model calculation up to 1740, whereby literature was evaluated back to 1874, without taking the connubium beyond the population limits into account.

Historical Ethnic

Take a grand tour of the universities and museums with great importance and artefacts from the history of the nation.

East Prussia’s Historical Development

We are moving at a face pace in developing all the sectors of the society for a better future. Join hands with us to create a better future for everyone.

Population Development in East Prussia

In the past century, Prussia has witnessed a great increase in the population of citizens as well as the growth of tourism leading to the high tourist population.

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German Empire

Read the facts about the story of the German empire.

World War I

The events from WWI which changed the history for all.

World War II

The war which shaped the future of Prussia and its citizens.

The Rise & Fall of Prussia

Find out the history of Prussia and its major events which has created how we look at our society today.

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Importance of online Casino software’s

Best Ways to Gamble Online Without Losing Much from Your Bankroll | Roe  Achievement Conference

In order to get the enjoyable experience in an online Casino lotto 4d firstly you need to get the proper software. As you know different companies have their different rules and regulations. Some companies will offers you relevant software and some will not offers you the good software to play the games. Basically this software’s are developed by the third party. Software developers need to create online Casino games that will look meaningful and prove helpful as comparison to land-based casinos. Games should be reliable and works in proper manner. Internet gambling sites will typically contain sign up bonuses, licences with the software developer’s .All you need to maintain and upgrade the gaming software when it comes to introduce with other gamblers.

What Can You Do To Be Careful In Casinos

These days there are three type of basic software will be used in an online Casino. The name of the software’s are flash based instant games, download games and apps for handheld mobile flash based online games allows you to play directly from your internet you do not need to download any type of other browser or software into your computer. You can take various types of benefits through the help of flash based instant game software. When you do not need to download any type of software basically it means you can immediately play your favourite games.

Downloadable Form Of games requires downloading into your computer. As it clear with its name that you need to download the software if you want to play your favourite games at victory996 online casino. Basically the downloading will totally depend on the internet connection that you have to get. When you will download the software from the website of the company then you can get better quality as well as more stable graphics. There are numerous type of downloadable games are available you can choose as per according to you want.

Gaming apps for mobile devices like the smart phones and other phones and the topmost type of game that you can use to play the Gambling games. You can enjoy your favourite games from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter that it is day or night. All you need to get strong internet connection and your personal gadget like mobile phone, laptop and computer. People can easily gamble from anywhere, when you will play through the help of mobile then you are quite free to get fixed internet connection.

When you will opt for online casinos to play your favourite Gambling games make sure that you have to check the highly reputed sources as well as power sites. Even the information should be fair and clear when you will display all the details on the home page. As you know most of the customers will act by checking the details on the home page. Make sure that always visit at an online Casino who have portable software providers and the software will regularly need to get audit. With the help of this you can take an idea that the casino is relevant or not.


Which Type of Gambler Are You?

Which Type of Gambler Are You?

Have you ever thought about what category of gambling would you fall under if you have been gambling for a couple of months? There is no limit to the habit of gambling as it is a power which can create or destroy one’s career and life. There are a total of seven types of gamblers who can be found inside a casino every day. Let us find out which category of gambling your traits fall under on how to play supreme toto 658.

Professional gamblers

A professional gambler has gambling as their primary profession. It is the way for them to make a living and they dedicate a lot of time and learning and playing the games. The pros are patients about their game, use rational thoughts to make a decision, have total control of their money, and control the game instead of letting the game control them.

Casual social gamblers

There are plenty of casual social gamblers present inside the casinos all the time. They are less interested in playing the games and rather enjoy the time while they are there. They know how much they can spend on the games, and mostly play smart to make money that they can use to party the rest of the night. They have no intention of earning huge amounts of money and usually play to reduce their stress or to make new friends.

Serious social gamblers

Serious social gamblers often look for something positive that they can gain from their experience inside a casino. Gambling is their way of challenging their luck and the things they are bound to do. They gamble to cope up with their problems and find it as an escape. The serious social gamblers can be one the verge of falling into an addiction, but in most cases, they know better for themselves.

Escape gamblers

Escape gamblers are a much more powerful version of the serious social gamblers. They rely on multiple addictions to escape their depression and fulfil their emotional needs. They do not have the right judgement power to gamble and often make poor decisions while betting, which then results in more anxiety and depression.

Conservative gamblers

The conservative gamblers are more interested in getting some experience from the game, rather trying for a big win. They want to fulfil the desires of playing on a similar slot machine that they saw in a movie. Their purpose inside a casino is only an experience, which they do under a fixed budget and then move on. Tourists are the most common people who fall under this category.

Personality gamblers

Personality gamblers often use unethical ways to win money in the games. They use cheats, deception, and other unethical means to win money inside a casino. Their only agenda is to win guaranteed money by hook or crook, which also lead them to trouble if they get caught.

Compulsive gambler

Compulsive gamblers are the last stage of gambling when the person gets addicted to it and has no way to recover from such a situation. The compulsive gamblers do not accept that they are addicted and have lost most of their money into gambling. They often face problems of not taking loans and not repaying them, losing their property, and have issues with their family members.

Things About German Culture, Customs And Facts

Things About German Culture, Customs And Facts

Germany is actually very well known for being at the center of Europe and not only geographically, but also when it comes to politics as well. But, you should know, they are not in the center for economics at all. The county is Europe’s second most populous after Russia, and it has more than 80 million people in it. The entire German economy is actually the largest on the continent and also one of the largest on the planet coming in at 5th.

They have been known to have a lot of influence on all of the countries that successfully border it, and these are Austria, online live casino malaysia , Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland as well. All of these cultures actually have varying degrees, and all of them have had a hand when it comes to shaping today’s Germany. They actually have a really high place and priority for structure, punctuality and privacy as well. The German people have been known to embrace the values of thriftiness, hard work and also a great interest to work in developing industries. They are actually really comfortable when they are able to organize and also compartmentalize their entire world into the controllable units, as much as they can. Time is indeed managed really carefully, and you should know that calendars, schedules and more must actually be appropriately respected,

Well, it is a very unsurprising fact that the official language of Germany is German and actually, you should know that more than 95% of the entire population of Germany speaks their first language. There are some other languages spoken as well, but German remains to be the most spoken language of all.


Christianity has been the dominant religion because 60-75% of the entire population have identified themselves as Christian, and in that number, 29% are Catholics.

It is also notable that Germans actually love rich and hearty cuisine as well, even though each area of Germany has its own definition of what exactly a good and traditional meal looks like. Pork is actually one of the most consumes meat, and this would be according to the German food guide. Beer has been known to be one of the most common and also one of the most popular alcoholic beverage, and the country is also very well-known because it is the birthplace of so many beer varieties as well. It is safe to say the Germans LOVE their beer.

Germany also celebrates a lot of traditional holidays, and this would include Christmas and Easter as well. The German Unification day was on October 3rd, and that marks the reuniting of the East and the West parts of Germany. This is the only federal holiday.

Secrets of Casinos that They Do Not Want You to Know

Secrets of Casinos that They Do Not Want You to Know

You might think that casinos are the most comforting and complimenting place to party and make money. They have so many things to keep you entertained คา สิ โน ไทย that you will not notice the illusions they have created to keep you inside the casinos until you spend the last penny from your pocket. Casinos often like to address their business as an art of taking money from people while keeping them happy, hopeful, and unaware. Despite this, people like to visit casinos to experience the thrill and excitement of getting lucky. If you have plans of going to a casino, these tips will keep you aware of your surroundings and help you make the right decisions.

Some games are worse than the others

Although there is no denying that casinos get their share in every game, the share differs in different games. Some of the games have higher chances of taking all your money without offering you anything. There are plenty of games inside casinos which are only meant to take back the money from people to recover the losses they experience in other games.

Some games are better than the others

The casinos want to make profits, although they do not want to lose customers either. They have to balance their profits by constant giveaways which can help them keep their customers satisfied. If you know all the rules for the game, you can actually make better decisions and start winning. Learning the game still does not guarantee your win, but you will have better chances of winning.

Everything inside a casino is to keep you busy

From the illusional floors to the sound the slot machine makes, everything is made to keep your busy and comfortable. You will fall in love with the sofas you will get to sit and the service you will receive will be incomparable. There will be no clocks inside the casino so that you do not realise the time. You will be served with complimentary beverages, and also have party areas where you can go enjoy the performers. Keep a watch with you and always have a track of your time.

The least surveillance

Since poker is a game where players are competing with each other. They themselves become the eye for the casino to watch if anyone is cheating as they put their own money against each other. Poker is also a game which gets the least money for the casinos. So they generally do not care much for poker rooms and mostly stick to slot machines. The poker pros know when someone is cheating and can report it themselves, and the casino takes rest of the actions.

Prevent Doing These Things Inside a Casino

Prevent Doing These Things Inside a Casino

Casinos are meant for entertainment and thrill, and no one can refuse to take a leap of faith when they are inside one. You can easily lose control over your time and money if you do not know when to stop. If you are not a professional gambler, do not let your gambling overtake your will inside a casino. Here are the things which you should prevent doing inside a dafabet เบ็ดเตล็ด casino.

Stop exploiting free drinks

Casinos offer a lot of free drinks to their guests while they are playing at the tables. It is generally meant to keep them entertained and uplifted during the games. If you are at one of the tables and are being offered complimentary drinks more often, there is a high chance that the casino has already made enough profits from you that another free drink wouldn’t harm them. Also, if you keep drinking until you lose control over yourself, you can get kicked out for being too drunk, so make sure that you know your limits.  Have a limit for alcoholic beverages and prefer to have some other snacks instead.

Do not be rude to the dealer

Or any of the staff members for a matter of fact. They are there to serve your needs. People often get angry over the dealers for giving them bad cards which is completely insensible. Dealers are only there to do their job and have no personal grudge against you to pick bad cards for you. Blaming it on the dealer is considered rude. Be gentle instead and tip the dealer during the game. The positive you are, the better the game you can have. If you are nice, the dealer can even put some money for you in case you lose it all, just so you can have another game.


Do not try to cheat in the games

Gone are the days when casinos were a place for gamblers to play smart tricks and take away the money. The infamous cigarette pack scandal is one of the most talked roulette scams in the history of casinos, and not to mention the MIT team who has a whole movie made on them, 21. But today times have changed every casino table is monitored for any cheats and suspicious activities. You cannot risk using gadgets at the tables and definitely not plan to steal from the tables. The only smart way left for you is to master the art of counting cards which you can use to win at blackjack. But be careful in doing your calculations as it can very well get noticed in the cameras and you can get kicked out of the casino and get a permanent ban from it if you get caught.

Some Great Books That Go In Detail About Prussia

Some Great Books That Go In Detail About Prussia

The emergence and also the entire nature of Prussia are both key subjects when it comes to the study of German history, the proper development of this once very and highly individual and also dominant power is incredibly worthy of the study when it comes to its own right. Well, consequently, there is actually a large number of well written and very well-phrased books that have actually been thoroughly written on Prussia, in this guide, I will talk about some of the best ones in this guide. This is actually according to my opinion and opinions certainly differ from person to person.


  • Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia and it was written by Christopher Clark. This has actually been an incredibly well received book, and it also became the go-to popular text on Prussia. Clark has actually been known to have written a very fascinating piece all about World War 1. It has actually been considered some of the best starting points for anyone that is even remotely interested in the Prussian history, and it is also known to have been really reasonably priced too.
  • Frederick The Great: King of Prussia, written by Tim Blanning, was actually a long work but it is readable indeed. He provided a really good biography of one of the luckiest men in the history of Europe (even though you could argue that you have to make the luck work for you). Blanning’s other books are actually really worth reading as well.
  • The Rise Of Prussia 1700-1830, written by Phillip G Dwyer is a wide-ranging and also very comprehensive study of the whole Prussian history which covers the society, politics and also a whole lot of economics as well. There is a lot of mention of urban and rural life too, and there is stuff in detail about the major conflicts like Seven years and the Napoleonic wars which did cause some noteworthy moments. Dwyer has actually done a great job because he has given us a solid view of early Prussia, and it has made the readers very interested, and it will make the readers want more.
  • The Rise And Fall of Prussia by Sebastian Haffner is volume’s distinctive cover and it mark’s out as one of the more famous volumes when it comes to Prussian history and also within Haffner provides, what is in practice a great introduction to the overall sweep of the Prussian independence. The text is indeed known to be quite revisionist, and it is also very intriguing as well. The interpretations are all great. You should make sure that you read it independently and also alongside other texts too.