The aim of the first work is to quantify the proportion of Prussians, Lithuanians and Masovians in the newly formed Prussian tribe in a model calculation up to 1740, whereby literature was evaluated back to 1874, without taking the connubium beyond the population limits into account.

Historical Ethnic

Take a grand tour of the universities and museums with great importance and artefacts from the history of the nation.

East Prussia’s Historical Development

We are moving at a face pace in developing all the sectors of the society for a better future. Join hands with us to create a better future for everyone.

Population Development in East Prussia

In the past century, Prussia has witnessed a great increase in the population of citizens as well as the growth of tourism leading to the high tourist population.

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German Empire

Read the facts about the story of the German empire.

World War I

The events from WWI which changed the history for all.

World War II

The war which shaped the future of Prussia and its citizens.

The Rise & Fall of Prussia

Find out the history of Prussia and its major events which has created how we look at our society today.

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Some Great Books That Go In Detail About Prussia

Some Great Books That Go In Detail About Prussia

The emergence and also the entire nature of Prussia are both key subjects when it comes to the study of German history, the proper development of this once very and highly individual and also dominant power is incredibly worthy of the study when it comes to its own right. Well, consequently, there is actually a large number of well written and very well-phrased books that have actually been thoroughly written on Prussia, in this guide, I will talk about some of the best ones in this guide. This is actually according to my opinion and opinions certainly differ from person to person.


  • Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia and it was written by Christopher Clark. This has actually been an incredibly well received book, and it also became the go-to popular text on Prussia. Clark has actually been known to have written a very fascinating piece all about World War 1. It has actually been considered some of the best starting points for anyone that is even remotely interested in the Prussian history, and it is also known to have been really reasonably priced too.
  • Frederick The Great: King of Prussia, written by Tim Blanning, was actually a long work but it is readable indeed. He provided a really good biography of one of the luckiest men in the history of Europe (even though you could argue that you have to make the luck work for you). Blanning’s other books are actually really worth reading as well.
  • The Rise Of Prussia 1700-1830, written by Phillip G Dwyer is a wide-ranging and also very comprehensive study of the whole Prussian history which covers the society, politics and also a whole lot of economics as well. There is a lot of mention of urban and rural life too, and there is stuff in detail about the major conflicts like Seven years and the Napoleonic wars which did cause some noteworthy moments. Dwyer has actually done a great job because he has given us a solid view of early Prussia, and it has made the readers very interested, and it will make the readers want more.
  • The Rise And Fall of Prussia by Sebastian Haffner is volume’s distinctive cover and it mark’s out as one of the more famous volumes when it comes to Prussian history and also within Haffner provides, what is in practice a great introduction to the overall sweep of the Prussian independence. The text is indeed known to be quite revisionist, and it is also very intriguing as well. The interpretations are all great. You should make sure that you read it independently and also alongside other texts too.
Things About German Culture, Customs And Facts

Things About German Culture, Customs And Facts

Germany is actually very well known for being at the center of Europe and not only geographically, but also when it comes to politics as well. But, you should know, they are not in the center for economics at all. The county is Europe’s second most populous after Russia, and it has more than 80 million people in it. The entire German economy is actually the largest on the continent and also one of the largest on the planet coming in at 5th.

They have been known to have a lot of influence on all of the countries that successfully border it, and these are Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland as well. All of these cultures actually have varying degrees, and all of them have had a hand when it comes to shaping today’s Germany. They actually have a really high place and priority for structure, punctuality and privacy as well. The German people have been known to embrace the values of thriftiness, hard work and also a great interest to work in developing industries. They are actually really comfortable when they are able to organize and also compartmentalize their entire world into the controllable units, as much as they can. Time is indeed managed really carefully, and you should know that calendars, schedules and more must actually be appropriately respected.

Well, it is a very unsurprising fact that the official language of Germany is German and actually, you should know that more than 95% of the entire population of Germany speaks their first language. There are some other languages spoken as well, but German remains to be the most spoken language of all.


Christianity has been the dominant religion because 60-75% of the entire population have identified themselves as Christian, and in that number, 29% are Catholics.

It is also notable that Germans actually love rich and hearty cuisine as well, even though each area of Germany has its own definition of what exactly a good and traditional meal looks like. Pork is actually one of the most consumes meat, and this would be according to the German food guide. Beer has been known to be one of the most common and also one of the most popular alcoholic beverage, and the country is also very well-known because it is the birthplace of so many beer varieties as well. It is safe to say the Germans LOVE their beer.

Germany also celebrates a lot of traditional holidays, and this would include Christmas and Easter as well. The German Unification day was on October 3rd, and that marks the reuniting of the East and the West parts of Germany. This is the only federal holiday.